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Through various inward journeying of my own, I have gained insight and appreciation for how simple practices, undertaken routinely, can enable powerful and lasting healing. My learning of bio-energetic touch and energy balancing techniques has increased my resiliency, awareness, and connection to a community. My own journey has taken me all over the world. I grew up in Connecticut, USA, and have lived and worked for years in Scandinavia, Thailand, South Africa, and Rwanda. My education includes social and humanistic sciences which I use to advocate for positive social change. 


My training includes Polarity Therapy, Reiki (Okuden Reiki Level III certified), Hatha Yoga,  Cranio-sacral massage, Thai Foot Reflexology, Ayurveda, and mindfulness meditation. I am certified under a 200 hour Integrative Yoga Therapy and International Yoga Alliance registered program by BodyTherapies Yoga in Canada, led by Heather Greaves. This takes adopts a holistic, therapeutic, and energetically-aligned approach. I regularly explore and love to experience other healing arts including sound healing, theta healing, Access Bars, chakra balancing, and TRE, 

I studied polarity under Chris McGrath (AUS), Andreas Ledermann (CH), Birgitte Raihman (CH), John Beaulieu (US), Bruce Berger (US), and Shakti Smith (US). Polarity is a comprehensive system of hands-on healing based on a detailed understanding of the human energy field. I have been a member of the German Polarity Therapy Association and regularly participating in International Polarity Education Alliance gatherings.



Our mission is to guide you to balance and to connect you to your unlimited potential. I love supporting others to undertake their own inward journey towards greater wellness, vitality, self-authenticity, and individuation.


I stand ready to faciltiate your process of healing, energetic awareness, and self rediscovery.  

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